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Breastmilk Storage & Travel Guidelines

When you decide to start pumping because you are going back to work, exclusively breast pumping, planning a chance to have You time for a few hours, or taking a family trip, follow these Guidelines provided by the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition to ensure your expressed breastmilk is packaged, stored, and refrigerated properly.  It also offers the time frame to use the expressed breastmilk.  Not sure which breastpump to use?  Check out the Medela Harmony, Freestyle, & Pump in Style to fit your home, work, travel, and personal needs.

If you need to travel and will be bringing expressed milk with you either on the plan or in your checked luggage, Click here to review the TSA procedures and speak up!  I had a very bad situation where they inspected my checked bag, unscrewed all the tops of my expressed milk containers, and failed to put them back on properly.  So you could imagine the crushing sadness when my bag came off the plane soaking wet and not a drop of expressed milk was salvaged.  I later learned when flying out of the country and transporting breastmilk, that using masking tape to seal your lids is an approved material to use when flying and keeping your liquid gold intact!

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