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I have a cold! What is safe to take while Breastfeeding?

One of the questions I receive the most is ‘What cold medications can I take while breastfeeding?’  Before, I answer, let me encourage all Mommas that you can still breastfeed while you have a cold!  It is the type of medication and the timeframe you take it, that can hinder the breastfeeding bond and your milk volume.

Since I have a lot of allergies to medications, I could not use most of the usually prescribed or over the counter cold medications. I use natural remedies, and if I needed antibiotics, unfortunately, I had to pump & dump. I do not want another Momma to have to face this same disappointment and discouragement.  Therefore, the best quick response I have to this question is to use natural remedies first if able. Do nasal spray instead of oral medications if possible.  Short acting medication (less than 4 hours) is best. Cold medications need to be taken right after nursing and only as needed.  Please avoid cough drops due to menthol and peppermint having effects on milk volume.  Medications containing pseudoephedrine are not recommended. From past experience Robitussin has been okay, but it is always good to double check the active ingredients in the book Medications & Mother’s Milk by Thomas Hale. Kellymom.com is great website for additional information.  These are the resources I use! Hope this helps, and if you have more questions you can always email me at aroots@mybumptobundle.com.

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