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Newborn & Parent Bonding is Vital in First Weeks of Life!

The true Baby Moon is the first 2 weeks after a baby is born, for the new family to spend uninterrupted time together and establish the bonds and routine.  Just like newlyweds go on a honeymoon, after the wedding! It is not the popular vacation during pregnancy that has become the popular social trend. This being said, when Mommas are required to return to work 6-8 weeks after delivering their baby, it’s obvious why the breastfeeding rates drop significantly. It is not recommended for infants to start using bottles until they are about 4-6 weeks old. Therefore, a new Momma is being forced to get her baby used to the bottle as early as 3 weeks to prepare for returning to work. And new Dads or Partners only get 2 weeks, if they are lucky, to be home with their newborn.

The most valuable time to establish good milk volume is the first 6-8 weeks with frequent feedings and bonding with baby. The forced severing of these early relationship ties due to work demands, needs to stop. The benefits of longer duration of breastfeeding are numerous and can improve health over generations.

Please check with your state regarding the benefits available for a new Momma, and for leave time for Dad or the Partner.  If you would also like to sign a petition for Congress to revisit the laws for new families, please check out 1,000 Days Non-Profit.

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