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Bump & Bundle Fitness

Momma Body Wellness is very important during Pre-pregnancy,  Pregnancy & Postpartum! Momma’s wellness is from head-to-toe. The Bump Fitness Booklet gives you the ability to prepare your muscles for strength and balance as your budding Bump grows; and these same muscles are needed to perform WELL during labor & delivery. You can even use the Bump Fitness Booklet as your workout while trying to conceive! Once your Bundle is born, either natural or c-birth, having strength and stability in your lowerbody is important for recovery and as hormones shift drastically to start the breastfeeding relationship. The Bundle-wearing Fitness Booklet helps with maintaining and toning your beautiful body after baby!

Be sure to checkout the Momma Talk! Exclusive page for Momma Fitness Breaks and 10-day Challenges.  Click the link in the top menu!

Wondering what to wear during your workouts!?! For Two Fitness has maternity exercise apparel for you to be comfortable while you Sweat! I am a For Two Fitness Ambassador, which means you will occasionally receive Exclusive Discounts in the Momma Mail Monthly Newsletter to use on your purchases.  Sign-up now so you don't miss the next code! I also use a few pieces in giveaways on Instagram & Facebook, so keep an eye out. Checkout their Fitness Wear Now!

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