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Breastfeeding Education or Counseling Session

Breastfeeding Education or Counseling Session

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Your Breastfeeding needs are very important to me!  Being prepared with valuable education for your first latch and breastfeeding know-how, as well as having the support and help you need for a successful breastfeeding experience with your newborn is one of My Bump to Bundle's Top Priorities. As a Momma of 2 who also breastfed, getting the assistance I needed as soon as possible was ideal in starting a great bond.

My Bump to Bundle Breastfeeding Education or Counseling Services are available to Mommas via Telephone Call, a 20-minute session, and via Virtual Video Call, a 40-minute session. Once you select a session type, you have the choice of making a 'Session Deposit' of at least 50% of the session total cost, or receive a Discount by selecting the 'Secured Session' option to pay in full.  You will receive information on availability in less than 2 hours, and can pick your preferred date and time for the session. You will then receive an email confirmation with a phone number to call or link for the virtual video call.

  • Note: Sessions will not be confirmed until the deposit is paid; deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, you have a one-time opportunity; please contact me to do so within 24-hours after your original session time.  Please keep in mind that as I am available for you, I ask you to also be respectful of this time.  By selecting a Session, you are committing to being available at your specified time and I guarantee the best professional service for your time.
  • Potential Reimbursement: What you pay may be reimbursed by your insurance. Insurance Plans are required to cover breastfeeding support and supplies. Call Yours for more information.