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My Custom Blend

My Custom Blend

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Order a custom essential oil blend!  Select the size vial you would like and explain in the notes on the order page, your personal needs, to receive a blend that is just right for you or someone you would like to gift.

You can also order a single blend you need from one of the Sets!

Blends are made with 3-5 essential oils depending on age and use such as yoga mat spray, eczema aid, cradle cap, beard oil, you name it!  For any additional questions, email aroots@mybumptobundle.com.

Please note that My Bump to Bundle essential oil blends do not take the place of medical diagnosis, advice, or care provided by your doctor or healthcare provider.  Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider prior to using essential oils.  Possible skin sensitivity, UV protection recommended, and keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes, inner ear, and sensitive areas. The My Bump to Bundle essential oil blends are not FDA approved.