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Product Love

The New Momma EO Blends Set helped me feel like myself again after delivery.  The 'Momma parts' spray [Heal Momma] works really well down there. The Go Momma & Mom Calm blends were exactly what I needed to help cope and feel good as a new Mom.

Shelly, Momma of 10 day old

My daughter had some pretty severe gas and constipation. After I rubbed on the Baby’s Tummy blend [in the Infant EO Blends Set], I saw a pretty quick result of a stool the night it was applied; which was awesome! Being a first time Mama, you worry about every little thing, so to have a poopy diaper after days of none was a relief.

Jennifer, Momma of 3 week old

The Mouth Blend [in the Teething EO Blends Set] immediately calmed my daughter down.  We've tried everything, like Camilia and teething tablets, and this worked right away.

Jessica, Momma of 1 year old

I have hyperemisis (extreme morning sickness) during this pregnancy, and have experienced persistent vomiting and weight loss. The Momma Nausea blend [in the Pregnancy EO Blends Set] was the first product that smelled appealing to me. It also eased my nausea, particularly when rubbing it along my jawline. I love it so much!

Tristan, Momma 2 months pregnant

Thank you for my amazing oils! Loved the Breasts be Well blend [in the Breastfeeding EO Blends Set]. I applied it as soon as I got home, and my milk was overflowing from my baby's mouth when I fed her.  I have been struggling with low milk supply and this really helped.

Yesenia, Momma of 4 month old

I am so happy and grateful to have been introduced to Cough & Sneeze Rollerball [in he Immune & Flu EO Blends Set]. This wonderful blend of essential oils has provided my little one with substantial relief from dreadful night cough bouts when sick and has tremendously helped him, as well as everyone else in the household, catch some much needed z’s.

Suzi, Momma of 16 month old

I LOVE the Sanitize Spray [in the Diaper Bag EO Blends Set] and use it all the time on both my son and I! Especially when he has a cold, or his hands are in his mouth a lot from teething, I spray his hands morning and night. The scent is so nice, and it’s reassuring that the products are natural and safe!

Andi, Momma of 8 month old

My son had difficulties staying a sleep and the oils have really helped him relax and stay a sleep. He also has a mild case of ADD, and his custom blend helps him stay focused and calm.

Ivonne, Momma of 9 year old

I have bad acid reflux and have tried numerous products, even prescriptions to help. My wife saw My Bump to Bundle at an event and picked up the Metabetic Blend for me to try.  It works the best of everything I have tried to stop my reflux.

Daddy of 5 year and 1 year olds
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